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Introducing Attaboy!

The Exclusive Online Testimonial  Service



*Why do you need Attaboy! ? 

Your best salespeople are your SATISFIED CLIENTS. Why not give them a chance to express their opinion about your product or service….RIGHT THERE, on your own web site!!!


*What does Attaboy! do?

Attaboy! lets your SATISFIED CLIENTS enter their thoughts as they are on your site. They can also add their web site which adds even more credibility to the program.
Attaboy shows only the first 25 entry's, older entry's will be automatically deleted!
This is very useful, cause it makes Attaboy! very fast to read!! (no downloading of databases!)

The big advantage is that the testimonials are up to date!


*Can I edit Attaboy! ? 

Yes, you can! The program comes with a password-protected Editing Box which allows you to eliminate or edit comments? What if you get criticism? That could even be more persuasive, especially if you can show that you have addressed the writer’s concern!!

Use username: demo
Use password: demo
The "SAVE" option is disabled!


*How Do I Use Attaboy! 

Use As Side Bar Box or Full Page as the service fits your site. It is also available in several color schemes to fit your web site design.  

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*What Does It Cost? 

Costs are negligible: $49.95 per year!!
Including updates!


*How Will it work? 

Very simple: We provide you with a code that you
can implement on your web page. (on all your web pages if you want)
So no installation is needed!

Please cut and paste  the lines below..
And put them on your site to test it



*Multiple Languages? 

No problem, we customize all needed languages for Attaboy!.
Just tell us the language you want!


*What People Are Saying About Attaboy! 

Organizations of every type are raving about Attaboy! For some examples, click here!